I started creating a World

Ian Cheng’s guide on Worlding has been a brilliant reference, I highly recommend this text for the artistic side of digital world building. (Reference at end
The video shows the current developments in the future of the project there will be additional features. Though it is important to lay down the foundation of the world beforehand.
“I wanted to practise the feeling of dwelling in the absence of existing Worlds. I wanted to create a World from nothing, to understand the artificiality of making a World, and to become attentive to the magical moment when a World begins to take on a life of its own, despite its artificiality”.[1]

[1] Ian Cheng, Emissaries Guide to Worlding: How to Navigate the Unnatural Art of Creating an Infinite Game by Choosing a Present, Storytelling Its Past, Simulating Its Futures, and Nurturing Its Changes, (London: Serpentine Gallery, 2018), p.7