Alla Prima; Winter_Kullorsuaq_Greenland – Unreleased WIP

Kullorsuaq Greenland is the concept landscape for the project.

Research Trip Proposal

Alla Prima; Autumn – December 2020

Displayed within the Conditions Pop-up Shop

WebGL, Slog Film & Spritesheets – August 2020

Lunar Explorer Experence

Whilst building such a large scale environment like Lunar we knew we was going to come across some hurdles. What we wasn’t expecting was @unitytechnologies not supporting video in any shape or form. After months of research and testing; watch to see how we managed to work around the system.

Slog Films

Candle (Project Proposal) – WIP

CANDLE is a therapeutic experience. A moment of no-thing-ness allowing viewers to immerse themselves in VR where the borders of reality and non-reality are blurred. 
The proposed work stylistic approach to film making is through the display, the concept of the CANDLE comes from how Buddhism teaches the values of meditating on ‘no-thing-ness- as a way of reaching a state of enlightenment and gaining awareness of one’s body. Staring at a flickering candle is a traditional meditation technique. In using the VR Headset I intend to bring in further layers of isolation and immersion with the flickering candle, the intention of filming within a white cube like environment where the space is empty whilst within the non-reality (VR) leaving you with just the candle; A therapeutic experience is one where time travels in a normal state but with zero distractions. Yet when leaving the virtual experience the candle reminds with you as the reality’s attempt to match themselves to continue that ongoing experience of time and meditation. [Further Reading on the Theory]

Going to the TATE – November 2019

[Artist Statement] Going to the TATE is a 3DOF VR Film; this short clip shows the exciting perspective of the TATE in this 1 hour, 1 minute and 30 second film

Pigeons – August 2019

[Artist Statement] Ever wanted to experience the perspective of a Pigeon? ‘Pigeons’ is a 3DOF VR Film; which does exactly what the previous question suggests.

CCTV – June 2019

‘CCTV’ brings together all the different ideas/research done from previous films and combines said knowledge into an immersive experience which focuses are audience participation and camera prospective. The idea is to understand the position of power and how the role of surveillance can affect the audience member in how they view the film. “CCTV is a process of economic control”. CCTV cameras are designed to monitor the activity of the human. This relationship between viewer and authoritative role is an attempt to understand how audience will perceive themselves in the immersive film environment. “The presence of CCTV equipment in urban centres can be felt everywhere … London has the largest number of closed-circuit cameras”.

Overpass #1 & #2 – February 2019

Untitled – January 2019

C4RD – December 2018

Untitled – November 2018