Unity Technology

VR Zombie Project – Version 1.4

Contains Strong Language, Violence and Blood

Combining my love for Zombie Survival Shooters, and my knowledge from the Unity Learn Courses – Create with Code & VR. I set out to create this Zombie Endless Horde Shooter, A VR Microgame showcasing my personal technical skills in a familiar format for the average gamer.

XR Personal Project (Alpha) – March 2022

This Project uses the resources from Alla Prima; Winter (linked below) to develop a puzzle based VR Experience. Using the knowledge developed from Create With VR – Unity Learn Course. Still in early stages progress will continue alongside further Artistic Research into the world being created.

Alla Prima; Winter_Kullorsuaq_Greenland

Seany Roads (Version 1.2) – January 2021

Play the Game – Click Here

ATEN – May 2022

Play the Game – Click Here

“Aten orbits the sun every 347 days (0.95 years), coming as close as 0.79 AU and reaching as far as 1.14 AU from the sun. Aten is about 1.1 kilometers in diameter, making it larger than 99% of asteroids, comparable in size to the Golden Gate Bridge”.


Alla Prima; Winter_Kullorsuaq_Greenland – Unreleased WIP

Alla Prima – September 2020

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Lunar Explore – August 2020

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In collaboration with Slog Film/Callum Pearson

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==5 Hours Project==

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Illuminated Colours

The Virtual Gallery Experience – Can be viewed by Clicking Here