==5 Hours Project==

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I will be attempting to create an exploration piece using Unity in 5 hours. By the end it will be exported online in whatever state the timer ends. It will then be forever available for others to experience.

Though boredom has been an influence in my working practice for quite some time, living in “boredom” is confusing. I find myself killing time by working on projects that lead to nothing, as I desperately try and fill my time.

From my a schedules presentation before Isolation

“If I was to spend 1 week making a film, I performed in, directed, researched, edited, rendered, watched 5 minutes, transferred, presented, displayed, and talked about the film.

Am I bored of it, or really interested in it. Even though I never watched the full finished product”.


The change in routine and the desire to escape, has subconsciously become the reason to fill this time with attempting to learn something new, yet these new skills personally feel like they lead in an opposite direction to that of my working practice before Isolation.

I have no idea honestly, it’s the beauty of my work in its current survival state. I’ve felt that my practice was forced to change, into something I still wasn’t ready to do.

This project is to finally force myself to make and complete a project, a similar process as possible to “pre-isolation”

I hope that in doing this “livestream” something may click, or be said. The personal experience of escapism into “game” will always be seen differently by others. The loose freedom, I feel lost in.

So please feel free to input ideas or suggest something I may have never considered.

Sean Vincent Kennedy