Alla Prima//First Attempt Click this Link to be taken to the world.

I placed the chair there as symbolism of leaving one reality and entering another. As most, if not all people loading the “game” will be sat down as they enter. So you walk away from that chair to explore beyond what is capable in reality at the moment; due to lockdown. Free exploration.

In games you see an empty area and you’re bursting with the desire to fill that area with your own creation.

Gaming allows your imagination to create that which it sees in the mind. What if I removed that ability and just allowed people to see a Reality; an empty world with no “filler”. When I create an environment in Unity, I too have the desire to fill it with trees, houses, campfires. Even though in the long term they add nothing.

To create the sandbox environment and remove the sandbox mechanics I see being the first step in an interesting developed of exploration of the mind.

The process went through incredibly minimal inclusion of world building. Conscious decisions were always made.

Previous Images from during development