Pigeons (Artist Statement)

In this piece you will be greeted with a 16:9 short featured in the Virtual Reality Experience known as ‘Pigeons’.

I’ve chosen to develop a practice in art in an attempt to present a unique concept in the interaction between audience and artist; the ambition is to see if the audience member will experience the same understanding of relationship and interaction when viewing my art. I continue to find that this concept can only be expressed in certain fields of fine art practice, those of which are researched then incorporated into the overall development of my work.

The association of performance is integrated to express the execution of a work. Though the understanding of performance is incorporated into the overall outcome; the work should not be looked as if it was a performance piece.

The artwork itself should not be viewed as art but as an experience similar to that of everyday life. An experience where one can understand their surroundings and view that which is in front of them.

The process I use to is a balance between technical aspects and creative thinking; a vase amount of writing and planning is done before filming can begin. Film production is a technical production process generally, it’s important going into this process knowing what needs to be done. Materials need to be selected beforehand as the vision of the desired effect of a film is best represented with a solid understanding on the choice of materials portraying the effect begin articulated. Utilising the correct software when developing an idea for films again is to articulate the desired effect, these choices relate back to creative thinking as a number of ideas are written down, to be selected and see which concepts can be put through production.

Using similar concept of ideas ‘Pigeons’ focuses on the camera perspective; portrayal of new life rather than a camera angle, The camera is the set in location that would best portray the lifestyle of desired creature or object. In this example the focus is on the Pigeons of Central London. “Pigeons bop in dumb disarray … they’re a strangely curios mob, a metaphoric stand-in for ourselves”. –  LUC TUYMANS, Saatchi Gallery.

The challenge behind this investigation is my idea of ‘immersive simulation’ meaning; causing the viewer to believe they have embodied a new role/viewpoint/body the immersive properties of virtual reality alongside exterior display combine together to create a powerful experience. Is understanding where the connection is to the audience, how they will interpret what they are viewing.